My Philosophy

Simbiosis with Nature

My philosophy of life has changed a lot over the years, I've been through a lot !

From living and believing that I have no impact on my life and health in my years of youth full of excesses, until today I strive daily to live with awareness, understanding that I have 100% impact on how I feel physically and emotionally.


One of my KEY principles is  " I Take responsibility for me as a human being"


I found in endometriosis, a very painful disease that I have since i was 18, the magic of food and how we ARE what we  eat, but not only that, but I realized  that there are many forms of nutrition that do not necessarily has to do with the food.


So, this is my philosophy, it is a lifestyle.

It is what I have been joining together all these years in a very personal way to be in my best health and to be free.


Observation - Food - Movement - Silence - Breathing - Family - Self-love - Permaculture



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