Where do you start?


My philosophy of life has changed over the years.

what I have collected and what has helped me the most was to find peace within me and to understand that health is my responsibility.


I Educated myself and I learn to connect with me, in ways i never thought was possible.

Now,  I understand that the decisions I make everyday  WILL have an impact in my health and in my life.

A lot of people will need a "few adjustments", while others will need a strong change... But that's why I am here. To guide you in this process.

I will help you to create a life where you let go of old beliefs and learn what is best for you. 


* Click on my philosophy to see point by point.

To make a change today. We need to start with what is tangible.

Food and Lifestyle: Small changes big results.


I want to help you find solutions.

Let's work together!



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