To create health

Nourish  the body

When one our fuel EVERYTHING changes!


Through what we eat we can influence how we feel physically, and this  influences all areas of our life.

I invite you to change your life through food


Being a health coach means that I have prepared to help you and guide you in your lifestyle change process. When I was sick I really needed someone to help me, to listen to me and to make me feel comfortable, and also to have traveled the same path as me. That is why I am very passionate about being in this position, of being able to help and guide you in a process that you lead.

We are what we absorb

Yoga and Movement

Silence - breathing - movement - self-esteem

I practice Ashtanga Yoga since 2009 and I have been to India Mysore 4 times.

I have had a daily practice since I started and I have only stopped for periods in which I fasted water or if my body needed it on my way to creating health.


Without this practice the truth would not have been able to keep me strong in many moments when I needed support. Any spiritual practice is important to be healthy.

Guided detoxification - Rest and silence

I can guide you  through a detoxification process (online or not)


I have done 2 water fasts 17 days and another of 22, and many Juice Fasts too.

I have lived a raw vegan diet for a couple of years.

When you detox the body id often uncomfortable as is good to have assistance. Better be guided.

I think of detox as a starting point on the path to healing and the process of  changing habits.

* I do not assist or guide water fast.

Girls with Endometriosis Support - Let's lower your pain

For girls with Endometriosis. The food helped me a lot lowering my levels of pain.. Let's see if we can lower your pain together

Let's understand what happens

For me this is the most important.


How to eat ? What does it mean to have a healthy life? What is a lifestyle? How can I help myself? This is where we can make the biggest difference.



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