1 MONTH Beginner Program

  • 2 X 1 hour consultation  ( 2 consultations a month )

  • Support by email /  what’s up during the weeks we don't meet  keeping in mind time zone of course)

We will discuss your health history, and create together 

a new path for wellness, you will receive a summary of what was spoken Via Email.

The idea is to find solutions to your problems. You need support.  I am here to support you and help you to find solutions.

That been said, the path from disease to health is a very personal one, that is why we will work together. 

2 hour  - $ 249 USD

Follow-up inquiries

During this session we discuss your progress and any changes that have occurred after the first meeting. 

On this basis, we will create an updated route to wellness just for you.


ONLY FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS (up to 1 year from 2 X 1 consultation)


30 min to 1 hour - $ 60

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